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When I think of the “definition of marriage”, it’s not a definition of who, but of what. Marriage is an ultimate expression of love: a commitment to devote, sacrifice and share your life with someone. This sort of commitment is essential to strengthening families.

Since I was 10 years old I’d been plotting… strategizing… on how to be the best father ever! I’d teach them to respect and love their neighbors and live their lives with honesty and integrity. In order to make this happen, I knew I needed a wonderful and supportive partner to help me. I tried for 15 years to date women, eventually realizing I could never marry and love a woman the way she deserved to be loved. I started to realize that the love, commitment and sacrifice I could give to a man was no different than between that of a man and woman.

Some day I hope to marry and start a family. I want to commit my life to the man that I love, and devote my time, money and energy to raising a couple of kids… and I want them to grow up benefiting from a family strengthened by the bounds of marriage.